Bathing Suits

Finding the Right Bathing Suits for Our Daughter

There are all kinds of bathing suits out there, and usually you can find the right one to fit you. I say usually, because it is a sad fact of life that not everyone is the same size and shape. So, not all bathing suits are appropriate for all people. Actually, maybe that is not such a sad thing. After all, it is good that we are all unique and different.

Still, there is the issue of finding bathing suits that are a good fit. This can be an especially tough issue for woman and girls that are very tall and thin. In the case of my own daughter, my wife and I tried numerous bathing suits on her when she was a toddler, and found that one-piece suits did not work well for her. Our daughter was (is) very tall, and very slender. Oh heck, she's a beanpole! So, when looking at bathing suits, they generally fell into one of two categories. If my wife bought bathing suits that fit snug to her body, they were so short the poor girl could barely stand up straight without crushing her shoulders. On the other hand, bathing suits that fit her length would blow up like balloons when she got in the water. My wife joked that the poor girl would float away. Oh well, at least she wouldn't drown.

So, what could we do; what sort of bathing suits should we buy her? I made the suggestion that we buy a bikini for her. My wife laughed; a bikini, for a four year old? How silly is that? I agreed that it was not the ideal situation. After all, it was not as if she really needed the top. Heck, if we lived in Europe, this would not even be an issue. But, we Americans tend to be a little? extreme in such matters. Still, after she thought about it, my wife realized that maybe bikini bathing suits were the right way to go. So, she went out and looked at some.

She found several bathing suits that fit the bill, and the next time we got invited to a pool party, she slipped one on our daughter. As it happened, it was a perfect fit. That was all the convincing my wife needed. From then on, she bought nothing but bikini bathing suits for our daughter. And, as the years rolled along, they proved to be a very cheap and economical way to outfit our daughter for swimming. The thing was, although she continued to grow tall and fast, she still stayed pencil thin. So, the same bathing suits that my wife bought one year would fit for three or four! And, at that age, our daughter was not very interested in being current when it came to the latest fashions. As far as she was concerned, anything with Barney the Dinosaur on it was okay by her.

But, as the saying goes, time and tide wait for no man. It wasn't long before our daughter got old enough that she truly needed that top to her bathing suits. As I recall, it seemed to happen far too quickly! And now, it seems to me that one-piece bathing suits are best. Fortunately, she's still young enough that she is not interested in attracting the attention of boys, and she rather likes how one-piece bathing suits look on her. But, I know that all too soon she will once again ask about getting some of those bikini bathing suits. Funny how a girl wearing one of those can be great - until it's your daughter that wants it.